And I Think To Myself…What A Wonderful World

image001I have known Lil for over a decade and when I learned about her company, LOLA™ & Co., and saw the magnificent pieces she was creating – how could I not raise my hand to help? It was only a few months ago we got together in her warm and beautiful home near Boston, and as she began sharing the very individual and personal stories about the people whose connection to the pendants, I was transfixed.

The more she shared, with her energy – clarity – enthusiasm – the more I was drawn in, and now, I am transformed.

I am a grandmother of seven, an entrepreneur myself,  the accidental survivor of the 9/11 terrorist tragedy, a perpetual volunteer, a traveler and storyteller – and definitely not a fashion victim! In fact, after 9/11, I began wearing simple, black clothing, and very little jewelry – my engagement and wedding rings and on special occasions the locket given to me by my husband’s mother who died in my arms. Really – that is the extent of my wardrobe and accessories, so much so that my littlest grandchild, Anders, said to me a few weeks ago: “CeeCee, why do you wear the same thing every day?”

Now – I wear my pendants. Two angels, one big, one small. We watch over each other! I will continue to collect them, and give them, for more than one lifetime.

LOLA™ is so much more than a “jewelry company” – it is so much bigger, so very special.  

As a “marketing person” I am always trying to focus the message, but when I began helping Lil manifest a brand worthy of her vision, I realized it was time to relax and be at peace with the mystery.  While each LOLA™ pendant is a physical thing, each is also mystical and meaningful. Symbols of moments and memories.

Who knows what will come next for LOLA™! That’s a huge part of the fun. What will inspire Lil next, and what will her creative team will help bring to the world?

I am so happy LOLA™ was born in 2009, and reborn last week into LOLA™ & Co.

It only makes sense to share the love with a world that sometimes feels impossibly broken but in fact is just another circle– when we look at it from space. Thank you Lil for creating this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of something amazing.