Baby, It’s Warm Inside

The colors in Boston are peaking and we’re enjoying the final bursts of color, before getting ready to bundle up for a proper New England Winter. 

We’ve introduced a new LOLA pendant, the design which is based on an actual snowflake captured by a microscope camera lens! Every snowflake, like every human being, every animal, every flower is 100% unique. Snowflakes are symmetrical, harmonious, amazing, tiny miracles. 

LBSnowflakeMDLink to Snowflake Pendant

We’re running an add in our favorite local style magazine, Northshore Magazine to share our snowflake pendant: 

LOLA Snowflake

And are putting on a little Norah Jones at home, while we light a fire and share a little hot buttered rum. 

Who is your snowflake? Gift them with pendant that let’s them know that they are a miracle – to you!