MunksgardLionDeveloping the LOLA™ brand with Lil and the creative team, then interpreting that to the web and social media has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve done.

As an artist and photographer, it has been rewarding to be part of a brand that is so centered around storytelling and visual creative.

As a craftswoman, the beauty of each pendant, and the way each pendant is created, appeals to the “maker” in me.

As an entrepreneur with my own businesses, it’s awesome to support another woman entrepreneur like Lil, whose energy and passion keeps us all on our toes!

 I love helping non-profits, and one of the really rewarding aspects of being part of Team LOLA™ is that I also support Margaret Okari Foundation, and designed and developed their new website and social media sites too, working with Peg Campbell’s team last Fall.  The connections we make, as “social entrepreneurs” are creating an ecosystem of goodness, fueled by creativity and love. We work really hard – but it feels good because we back each other up, express our thanks, and take a lot of pride in the fact that we’re contributing to something that is much more than a jewelry company.

I live in Western Pennsylvania and like the rest of Team LOLA™, work “virtually” most of the time. Still I feel connected to the team, whether or not we have a conference call that day. There are so many amazing ideas and new designs coming out, we are living this brand together – which I call “Being LOLA™.”

I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next – the response has been awesome and I very proud to be on the journey with Lil and the gang!