Giving Is The Greatest Gift

It’s magical when we find ourselves in a position to give to others, and do so – in small and big ways. 

“Giving Tuesday” is all about the gift and the gift that keeps on giving – is our ability to share with others our own humble blessings. 

It’s been wonderfully busy at LOLA with dozens of events and trunk shows going on, so as a busy entrepreneur and working Mom, I skipped the stores and skipped the online indulgences but I will be fully “present” today and donating to my favorite causes including Margaret Okari Children’s Foundation, Birds Nest Foundation, the Veterans Education Challenge and more. 

I give in honor of – it’s what I love to do because my life has been so enriched by the people I’ve met, by my family, my friends, and my colleagues. 

Today I will be giving in honor of my two children, as they make my life beautiful every day – even though they are teenagers! They are amazing “kids” and I know they will grow up to be “givers” and not “takers.” 

When we raise the coming generations to be kind and generous, to be aware and compassionate, to be charitable and active in making the world a better place – of course, we all benefit. 

But the real beneficiaries as we continue to heal this too-often broken world are the grandchildren and great grandchildren that will make our lives even better – personally and broadly as the realization that giving is the gift continues to spread. 

Join me on this Giving Tuesday to give back – and never give in to apathy. Give it up for the social entrepreneurs who are building non-profits and social-based businesses. Give, live, love, and always, every day – Love One, Love All.