Love & Luxury Combine In New Boston-Based Jewelry Company: LOLA™

  • Meaningful, hand-made pendants that carry life stories with them
  • Partnering with non-profit organizations to raise awareness and funds through sharing profits

April 20, 2015; Boston, MA: LOLA™ & Co. today announced they have launched their new brand, bringing beautiful, high quality, handcrafted pendants which mark important moments in people’s lives. Beginning with their popular pendants and chains, the company is expanding to include bracelets, cufflinks, rings and other jewelry, while also offering commissioned pieces for individuals, families and organizations.

“Each LOLA™ pendant is one-of-a-kind – just like the person who wears it,” said founder and CEO, Lil Guerrera.

With meaningful symbols including angels, compasses, stars, sand dollars, and more, many of the pendants also include inspirational words engraved into the back, further imbuing every individual piece with meaning.

LOLA™ pendants are often given as gifts, to bring courage, strength, hope, comfort and joy to family and friends who have overcome adversity or continue to be challenged.

Pendants are also given simply to express friendship, gratitude and love, and are cherished by those who wear them as a means to carry with them a feeling of great honor.

“LOLA™ pendants are collected, and combined, as a way to layer not only the beautiful pendants themselves, but as a way to share original stories and experiences,” Ms. Guerrera said. “Whether it’s an Angel pendant given to a mother bravely fighting cancer, a Compass pendant given to a student starting college, a St. Christopher pendant given to a constant traveler, or simply a Sand Dollar pendant that carries the memories of a beach vacation…these are very special pieces.”

Ms. Guerrera is building on the success over the last six years, and partnering with top retailers including DeScenza Diamonds in the Boston market, to expand the availability of LOLA™ pendants while also expanding the line to include new products.

The company’s tagline is: Love one, love all.™

One of the first non-profits to participate in LOLA™’s program (sharing profits with the non-profit, and overall sharing 5% of profits to selected organizations) is Based in Andover, MA, northwest of Boston, Margaret Okari’s mission is “to serve the students of the Margaret Okari Children’s Foundation by providing them with an education, a home, love, and hope for a future.”

“We have hundreds of devoted volunteers and donors who deeply love what Margaret Okari built for the children of workers in her soapstone carving studio whose parents were taken too soon. After Margaret’s death, her sister Kwamboka Okari returned to Kisii, Kenya to lead and grow place where the children have access to a world class STEM curriculum, and are ranked amount the highest scoring students in the country. We will sell and wear our LOLA™ pendants with love honor,” said Peg Campbell, Executive Director, Margaret Okari Foundation.

LOLA™ is headquartered in the Boston, MA area, sold globally, and produced in a number of countries including Thailand where this process of glass enameling on metal goes back thousands of years.

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