My Passion For LOLA™? It’s Personal.

katesPostI love the community where we live. After we moved to Boxford, we had three children in three years – and when I was bathing my kids, my lung collapsed and I went to Mass General for a month, finally coming home after lung surgery. With my husband and family at my side, I fought a case of staph based- necrotizing pneumonia – while families in our community took care of everything at home. They looked after the kids, they cooked, cleaned, and cared in such a way that we knew – we will never leave this place, and the friends we made. I learned a lot about community and gratitude.

One of the great friends I have made is Lil, the founder of LOLA™, and simply one of the most wonderful, gifted and cool women on the planet. I am so honored to be part of her team, a team that is “100% Pure Positive Energy.” The natural attraction to the pendants is amazing but no surprise as they are so special, so beautiful, of such great quality…I never feel we are “selling” them, rather giving those who choose them a real gift they can enjoy and pass on forever.  

Lil and I met briefly the first time and her original LOLA™ caught my eye. I loved it! Over the years we lost touch, but I was obsessed with reconnecting and when we did – and I saw how she had developed so many beautiful new pieces – I started buying for myself and my friends and family. The first LOLA™ pendant I bought for me was the Angel. “Someone to watch over me” was inscribed on the back and I knew – instantly – this pendant connected me to my brother. I lost my brother when I was only twenty years old and he was twenty three. He was in a car with four friends, when one of his friends fell asleep at the wheel. Everybody survived except my brother.

My family and I prided ourselves on our love for each other, and generosity and kindness towards others. It was hard to understand why this had to happen to him – and us – what lesson were we supposed to take from this awful tragedy, his life cut short? We will always miss him, remember him – and while it is hard to explain exactly why my Angel pendant is comforting, when I touch it, hold it in my hand…I feel his warmth.  I began giving LOLA™ in his honor to others who were grieving and they, too, understood.

Maybe it is because of the way the LOLA™ pendants are made – from the very conception – Lil’s inspiration – to her hand drawings – her thoughtful consideration of the inscriptions – to the work of the creative team – then the actual production of the molds, the lost art of the silversmithing, the delicate brushing of the glass dust…

The forging by fire in tiny kilns –

The slow and careful polishing, the wrapping, shipping, unwrapping, and display…somehow “Molecules of Love” convene and only become more beautiful as the right pendant finds the right person with the right story and meaning. LOLA™ pendants are not mass produced and will never be. It’s not about the jewelry it’s about the joy.

The world needs LOLA™ & Co.! We are all so fortunate to be part of something that is so far beyond just a product, company, or brand. We’re honored on our journey to make deep connections with all those who understand, with all those who are looking for a new way to feel, communicate and express love in immeasurably lasting ways.