Not Your Ordinary Internship

By Josh Martier, Social Media Manager

It’s been a great experience getting to know Team LOLA™. Lil’s a great leader and all the people on the team are so creative and hardworking.  I’m still in college, and about to receive my degree, and wanted to get more work experience and I was fortunate to be connected to LOLA™ just as they were preparing to launch the new brand. I was asked to do research and make recommendations on a social networking strategy and while I’m not an expert in luxury jewelry, was able to pick up quite a bit and realized how unique LOLA™ is.

The stories I started to hear about people who wear pendants and give them made me realize that social media like Facebook and Twitter were a perfect means to share those stories while also promoting events, new designs and more. Because the LOLA™ pendants are so beautiful, Pinterest and Instagram are the perfect visual mediums. And given the popularity of video, we knew we needed to set up a YouTube site – starting with our very first video from Birds Nest Productions.

Never before I had worked with a company that was about to be launched, and it was incredible to see how much effort and work had to be put into it all. There were small details that went into the process, which I never would have thought of myself, that were incorporated days before the launch actually took place.

I got to watch a website take shape, help formulate a social media strategy, create part of LOLA™’s online presence, see how awareness was spread through “the wire,” and watch as industry influencers began to talk about and promote our product.

I had never had the opportunity to work in the jewelry/fashion industry, so it was also very exciting to see the behind the scene shots from photo shoots, as well as the finished products being printed in magazines. 

I’m new to the business world, but I love marketing and its relationship to technology so being able to work with Team LOLA™ has been a perfect match for my interests and for the development of my skills in the “real world.” I look forward to continuing to help LOLA™ grow even as I get ready to graduate and move to NYC this summer. The most eye-opening part of this experience was working amongst a creative team in the weeks before LOLA™ was launched.