Our Customers

“Absolutely love the look, and the quality is above all the others!!”

Karyn W. 

“I get many compliments every time I wear necklaces and pendants.”

Joanne F.

“LOLA is without a doubt jewelry that serves a purpose, a reminder, makes me happy, sometimes said (only because of people I’ve lost) and I just love going into LoveShack on ACK! As soon as we arrive for the summer it’s one of my 1st stops! Love the quality, the designs and the silver is so nice unlike a lot of sterling I have bought elsewhere. I, too plan on selling all my jewelry that I have acquired over the last thirty-five years and will continue to expand on my LOLA collection! I have received numerous compliments and have given special people special pendants, chains and bracelets. I can’t say enough about LOLA! Check it out!”

Marie D.

“Hello! I am a thirteen year old girl from Massachusetts. I love your products so much. I wear a LOLA necklace almost every day. All of my friends wear them too. My sisters, my mom and I love your necklaces so much. My personal favorite is the pineapple one. I got the gold and silver one for Christmas. I love it so much. I also love the saint ones, and the one with the lotus flower. When I get gifted with a LOLA product I jump for joy. I also love how your company is all surrounded by love. As the word LOLA stands for love one, love all. All the workers I have met at your company are so sweet, and I enjoy talking to them. Whenever I wear your jewelry I feel great because I know I have the best jewelry around my neck.”

Olivia R.

“By now…. You all know, I have spent the last year downsizing… Cleaning out storage facilities, selling off all jewelry samples and shrinking my closet space…ONLY keeping the items that “bring me joy”.
Strict, no weakness.
In preparation for the second have of my life . 
I respect every single moment of this life, with gratitude as a cancer survivor.
It’s not easy, by far… it’s been a long road….I reached deep and found patience. I have taken my time and thought through the process intensely.
I can only keep the jewelry pieces that bring me joy…everything else is being sold. Bye.
My mothers words ring in my ears everyday…” if we only knew then, what we know now”.
Each item I keep must have true meaning… a significant memory, a story, a favorite place, inspiring words or originate in my heart of the countryside, New England.
This past summer , My dear friend Mary-Ellen introduced me to The Compass Rose.
I thought about it for 3 months…
Here’s what I got—
– Sterling silver- will last a lifetime
– The compass logo- always stay the course…boat life
– words to inspire- “follow the direction of your heart” ( my mantra) 
-company name “Lola” – my mom and me secret word… smiling now.
-originates in Nantucket, Ma. In a store called “The Love Shack” (that name alone sold me)
I had to track one down. Sold out. 
Stop and think Gail.
Sent an email… she responded…told her my story.
Amazingly … she called personally.
Happy Dance 👣
Lola & Co.—
your personalized service was outstanding, quick response time , dedication to finding my choice and your speedy delivery was a joy & very much appreciated.
This one is a keeper.
I have now added the Anchor to my “wish list”
“Thank YOU” Mary Ellen for the referral… it stole my heart ❤️
My heart warming suggestion to you all, visit this amazing company:”

Gail C.