Our Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy: Appreciation for All

LOLA® didn’t start out as a social enterprise – we turned into one. We did start out with a true love for our jewelry and passion for the meaning it brought to people’s lives. And we did start out with a commitment to create only the finest enameled pieces, and a determination to never “mass produce” but instead support artisans who are just as obsessed about the beauty of each piece as we are.

Our customers and now our growing community lead us in the direction we are heading today. It was their creativity and compassion that guided us to collaborate with them on the next piece, the next inspiring saying, and the opportunity to commission unique LOLA® pendents sharing their passion for helping others.

We are a woman-owned and woman-led business men love – and we love them back. Love is a fundamental part of our DNA here at LOLA®, as is a 100% commitment to “positive energy,” quality intensity, customer happiness, cultural inclusiveness, and opportunity creation. We have witnessed that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that we are each other’s anchors in stormy times.

Our global footprint is expanding, both in terms of our community of LOLA® givers and wearers, as well as our network of artisans. We are committed to ethics all along our “supply chain” – from design to development, from manufacturing to packaging, from our relationships with our valued retailers to our relationships with consumers.

We are privately owned so that we can manage our destiny, and we continually reinvest our profits in the fulfillment of our mission, which is create and share as many meaningful hand-made LOLA® pendants as possible in our lifetimes which can be passed along for many lifetimes to come. We profit by more than money, as our team and community “profit” from simply feeling really, really good about what we do and who we help – each and every day.

We believe in, practice, and encourage work-life balance, and are proud to continue to create economic opportunities through a flexible and digital work environment enabling parents to be there for their kids, and kids to be there for their aging parents, for our team to have time to support their favorite non-profits and community efforts.

We stand behind our products 100% and stand with our retail partners as we are so deeply appreciative of their efforts on our behalf, and their own commitments to their customers to always serve with the best products and experience.

We believe in appreciation for all, and the impact each of us can make when we express ourselves, our gratitude and our love, creating not only an idealistic business, but ideal world.

Lil Guerrera, Founder & CEO