1-4-3 14K Gold Bar Necklace


with Diamondswith Diamondswithout Diamondswithout Diamonds


Our Love Code 1-4-3 line is inspired by the Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse located in Scituate, MA. The lighthouse blinks 1-4-3 and is one of the most romantic in the country. The distinctive code uses 1-4-3 in a flashing sequence to communicate the numerical count same as the words “I LOVE YOU”……Madly.

  • Adjustable chain length in 16″ & 18″
  • Bar measures 18mm x 3mm
  • Gold 14K
  • Diamonds are 2pt. diamonds

Care Instructions:
Due to the nature of this delicate necklace, handle gently and store separately from other pieces to avoid breakage and tangling.


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