Etkie Cuff – LOLA Exclusive Glass


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Exclusive Etkie Cuff made just for LOLA! Leather cuff embellished with hand loom pattern using fine Japanese beads. The pattern features a light matte brown background with sky blue crosses.

When you purchase an Etkie bracelet, you are directly empowering a Native American artisan to earn a living wage and preserve their cultural heritage.

  •     Small is 3/8″ wide
  •     6” long, adjustable
  •     Leather lining

This cuff measures six inches long and has an adjustable copper band inside. It is hand-beaded on a traditional Navajo loom and made with high quality seed beads. After the pattern is arranged on the loom, the beads are sewn onto our super soft genuine leather lining. With this bracelet, minor changes in color patterns may occur.