Title: Bonnie Buchner Is Our LOLA™ Angel of the Day: At 90 She Danced For Paula Abdul!

bonnieBuchnerOne of our daughter’s great teachers, Sherry Kenney, loves LOLA™ “Angels” so much, she has given one to each of her sisters and to her 94 year old Mom, Bonnie Buchner. While they have all earned their wings, including Sherry herself – Bonnie showed us all we can still “fly” into our nineties!

Check out this video of Bonnie dancing for Paula Abdul on Live for Dance:


 Can’t wait to share a portrait of Bonnie wearing her LOLA™ pendant as we head towards Mother’s Day, grateful for the love and inspiration of the amazing women, like Bonnie, who continue to shape the mothers, sisters and women we continue to grow into…into our nineties.

 Thanks for sharing your story, Sherry!