Today, We Set Sail

mapBadgeToday, as we launch our new venture, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Six years ago, I was drawn to a Spanish medallion while on vacation in the Caribbean, and when I held it in my hand – something unexplainable happened. I felt something beautiful, something ancient, something timeless – and carried it home with me. There is mystery and magic found in certain treasures, and inspired by my own feeling I began to build LOLA™, and learned quickly from the women and men I met along the way that they too loved the experience of holding a LOLA™ pendant, wearing a LOLA™ pendant, giving a LOLA™ pendant.

Today marks a new and more meaningful segment of our journey together, as what was a small but very special company expands into LOLA™ & Co.– made with love, given with love. I am surrounded by the most amazing, creative, positive, hard-working and capable team an entrepreneur could wish for. They inspire me to go further, to continue to create, to connect with some of the most compassionate and cool people on the planet, and to bring joy through jewelry into as many lives as possible.

With a steady wind and an ocean of possibility, on this Spring day here in Boston, we are charting a course for creating a truly social enterprise, a company that continually gives back while paying it forward, through programs with amazing philanthropic organizations like the Margaret Okari Orphanage and School in Kisii, Kenya. Our friend and neighbor, Peg Campbell, is the Executive Director of the US-based foundation that raises funds to ensure the over 230 children at Margaret Okari are well cared for and educated. With our first commissioned pendant, Peg and her team will be able to raise awareness, and funds.

We are so proud to be part of efforts like this – honored. On this blog, we’ll be posting insights – inspirations – and news! We have a lot of exciting events coming up, along with new pendant designs, and will be inviting amazing friends of ours to post their stories as well. You’ll meet Team LOLA™, and our mascots, and join us on THE HONORABLE JOURNEY.

Will we sail by the stars? Definitely! Do we know our ultimate destination? Definitely not. I’ve learned that in fact it is the not the destination, but the journey that matters – and that the journey so very often takes its own course. We meet, we fall in love. We triumph, we fail. We get sick, we get well. We live, we die. Some of us have children, then grandchildren. We wake up on a sunny day, and in the afternoon a terrorist strikes. We rally, we are Boston Strong. We cry ourselves to sleep, and we wake up the next day resolved. We make friends, we lose them. We endure the winter, and find new miracles every spring.

With gratitude to all of you friends and family, to our designers and artisans, our customers, our partners, our interns and our storytellers…let’s sail.