A Warm Embrace From North of Boston: Thank You For A Great First Year From Team LOLA!

2015 was an emotional year for so many, a year when it became clear to all of us at Team LOLA that there is no better time to spread the love and radiate joy and support than now. At this moment. 

It is impossible to convey our gratitude to all of our friends, family and business partners. LOLA is less than a year old and the pendants not only grace the bodies of those who wear them but touch their hearts. Giving a LOLA pendant carries with it deep personal energy and love, and when the gift benefits not only the recipient and giver but brings resources to non-profits whose teams work to make a difference every day…well, may that circle be unbroken for many years and decades to come. 

“Unbreakable” is etched into the back of our Celtic Knot – and here at LOLA our team is also unbreakable, brought together by a shared vision, a collective passion, and just the kindest, funniest, most talented people you’ll find around our conference tables – and kitchen tables. 

This month, we’re kicking off our LOLA LOVE campaign – because we love everything LOLA! Share your favorite LOLA stories with us – and we’ll send you a thank you gift when we post your story to this blog and our social media sites. 

I’m starting off with http://www.lolahats.com/ – what an incredible story and what amazing hats! Next time I am in NYC (soon!) I plan to stop by the studio in Brooklyn, in the Bushwick neighborhood. Obsessed! You can follow Lola Hats on Instagram, Twitter and you can find one of a kind, handmade pieces in specialty stores around the world. 


Artisans of the world – unite! Love and fashion are what make the real impression – the joyful expression. 

Follow us as we go on our global treasure hunt for everything LOLA, including wine…another one of my favorite pastimes…

Cheers to 2016!