You know how you just know sometimes?

laurenWell I knew the minute I heard about LOLA™, I wanted to be part of it! I went to college with Michelle, who does the digital design, web development and e-commerce work for LOLA™, while I get to focus on helping Lil with product development and design, packaging and visual branding, so this feels like family to me. I’m working with Lil on a lot of new ideas, including the commissioned pendants which are really fun to think about with her. Lil will come up with an inspiration, send me a sketch, we’ll talk on the phone and pretty soon we’ve created a new pendant, front and back.

I live in Pasadena, in the charming Old Town section, so often get to work with my doors and windows wide open. I’m from Vermont, which is close to Mass, but moved here after living in NYC right out of college, to be closer to my grandma and sister and friends. My favorite pendant? It’s hard to say.

Layering them is fun, and just hold one in my hand feels so good. They are so beautifully made – the enamel is almost transparent, but not! They glow. At first I thought this was a luxury jewelry company but it’s actually a creativity company that expresses stories through these beautiful tangible gifts. I love the stories Lil shares about how people respond, and pass the pendants along. I’m honored to hold down the fort here in sunny SoCal!