About LOLA Pendant Jewelry

A Culture Based On Creativity & Compassion

LOLA® designs and creates beautiful, high quality, handcrafted pendants, charms, bracelets, cufflinks, rings and other jewelry which mark important moments in people’s lives. Bringing back the lost art of enameling, combining delicate colored glass hand painted and embossed over a sterling silver design, then forging them to 1,600 degrees, and finally hand polishing each piece, each LOLA pendant is one-of-a-kind just like the person who wears it.

With meaningful symbols including angels, compasses, sand dollars, and more, many of the LOLA pendants also include inspirational words engraved into the back, further imbuing every individual piece with love.

LOLA pendants are often given as gifts, to bring courage, strength, hope, comfort and joy to family and friends who have overcome adversity or continue to be challenged. LOLA pendants are also given simply to express friendship, gratitude and love, and are cherished by those who wear them as a means to carry with them a feeling of great honor.

LOLA pendants are collected, and combined on necklaces or chains, as a way to layer not only the beautiful pendants themselves but as a way to share original stories and experiences.

People are moved to wear and share their LOLA pendants triggered by important and often unexpected events in life. Whether it’s an Angel pendant given to a mother bravely fighting cancer, a Compass pendant given to a student starting college, a St. Christopher pendant given to a constant traveler, or simply a Sand Dollar pendant that carries the memories of a beach vacation…when you wear LOLA you feel the love. Love one, love all.®

“When I started LOLA, I had no idea how powerfully the pieces would resonate with people. I have been humbled by the response and by the thousands of conversations I have had with people who experience their pendants and those they give to others as beautiful, meaningful, and meant to be passed down for generations to come. The LOLA community has expanded and is reaching a global audience, as the combination of delicacy and strength, through timeless materials like sterling silver and colored glass made stronger by intense heat transcend all cultures, religions and beliefs. Whether you give a LOLA pendant or receive one, the moment it becomes worn it is almost magically illuminated by the individual’s spirit.” — Lil Guerrera

LOLA also offers commissioned pieces which are used to raise awareness and funds for organizations, or are simply designed for very special individuals, just as fine art is commissioned to mark important occasions and accomplishments.

“We have hundreds of devoted volunteers and donors who deeply love what Margaret Okari built for the children of workers in her soapstone carving studio whose parents were taken too soon. After Margaret’s death, her sister Kwamboka Okari returned to Kisii, Kenya to lead and grow a place where the children have access to a world class STEM curriculum, and are ranked amount the highest scoring students in the country. We wear LOLA’s 41˚125 S 34˚472E with love and we feel the honor!” — Peg Campbell, Executive Director, Margaret Okari Foundation

LOLA is headquartered in the Boston, Massachusetts area, sold globally, and produced in a number of countries including Thailand where this process of glass enameling on metal goes back thousands of years. With this history of craftsmanship and care, LOLA’s workplaces promote economic opportunities for women and men, workplaces that are healthy, safe and joyful. LOLA’s culture is one of creativity and empowerment, of global cooperation, and giving back with 5% of retail sales going directly to non-profit organizations benefitting children’s health, education and welfare. Team LOLA in the US includes designers, developers, customer care, sales, marketing and event professionals located from coast-to-coast, from Boston to New York, North Carolina to California, Pennsylvania to Texas. LOLA will be expanding its presence in the UK and other countries over the next several years, while also broadening its product offering at the request of its loyal customers who are constantly bringing fresh ideas to LOLA.

LOLA pendants are sold through private and public trunk shows, through specialty stores, and online at www.lolacompany.com.

Lil GuerreraLilith Guerrera Founder & CEO LOLA™

Lilith “Lil” Guerrera is Founder and CEO of LOLA Company, Inc., a company that designs and creates jewelry and accessories which bring meaning, inspiration, comfort and joy to those who give and receive. Each design combines a visual symbol on the front, and saying or space for engraving on the back – each carefully handmade using many of the “lost arts” of enameling, silversmithing, goldsmithing and more. Lil leads a creative team who brings each design to life, and each piece into the world to be acquired, given and passed along, carrying the challenges and triumphs of life with it. With team members around the world, and a growing base of LOLA believers, Lil is sharing not only exquisite pendants, layers of pendants, chains, bracelets, rings, cufflinks and more, but stories in her blog, The Honorable Journey.

Lil started down the entrepreneurial path when at an early age she co-founded Joyce’s Gourmet English Muffin Company with her Mom, a baking company nationally recognized for transforming the ordinary English Muffin into an extraordinary, fresh and healthy culinary experience. With write ups in the New York Times, Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston, Vogue Magazine, Food & Wine and more, Joyce’s Gourmet English Muffins were sold in some of the most famous gourmet shops in the US, including Zabars and Barefoot Contessa, and served in five-star hotels and fine restaurants. The company was featured on The Today Show, where Willard Scott gave them a “gangbusters 11” on a scale of 1 to 10. When Lil’s Mom decided to retire, Lil found the magic of LOLA while on vacation with her husband and their children. She was drawn to a beautiful Spanish medallion, and from there began to envision the pendants with a depth of meaning and visual beauty she began creating and selling in 2010.

Without knowing how powerful the pieces would be to people, Lil simply followed her creative intuition and attracted a growing following, selling through trunk shows and in specialty shops, including Bloomingdales. In 2015, Lil began working hand in hand with non-profit leaders, starting with a children’s school and orphanage in Kenya, supported by a friend, and LOLA Global – was born.Lil is married to a software executive, and the mother of two teenagers. While her role as CEO of LOLA is enormously challenging and exciting, Lil’s most important “work” is wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. “I want nothing more than for my children to experience the joy of creativity and passion, I encourage them to go after what they really want to achieve in life.”

LOLA’s company culture is based on providing amazing opportunities while supporting work-life balance, encouraging every member of her team to not only give back, but “pay it forward.”