Jewelry Care

LOLA® & Company Jewelry Care

Routine care can keep your high-end sterling silver and gold jewelry looking its best for years. All fine sterling silver and gold vermeil can eventually fade and tarnish with age and exposure to nature’s elements.

Wear Your Items

One of the best ways to keep your items from tarnishing is by wearing them. Your skin has natural oils that help keep the jewelry clean and looking new. Jewelry that sits un-worn for too long has a higher chance of oxidizing. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and store safely in a sealed container or bag.

Taking Care of Your Glass Enamel

Enamel is glass, so everyday dirts, oils and/or fingerprints can be easily wiped off with a polishing cloth or a gentle cotton cloth with soap and water. Store your jewelry in an airtight bag or container when not worn.

Taking Care of Your Sterling Silver 925

Polishing your Sterling Silver 925 pendants and chains will help maintain the finish and reduce the natural buildup of tarnish. Use the LOLA & Co. polishing cloth and buff your jewelry to remove tarnish and bring out the original finish and luster of your pieces.

Taking Care of Your Gold Vermeil & Gold Plate

To clean or polish your Gold Vermeil and Gold Plate jewelry, buff gently with your LOLA & Co. polishing cloth. Jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps may have certain components that will make your jewelry tarnish more quickly, also perfumes, strong lotions and creams all contain chemicals that can affect your pieces. To keep your pieces looking new avoid wearing them while using chlorine bleach or in a chlorine pool/hot tub.

Taking Care of Your Leather

Leather jewelry can last for a very long time if kept safe. Protect leather from water and salt. To clean your leather pieces put a small amount of moisturizing hand soap or leather cleaner on a damp cloth and wipe your items clean.

(Please note: One cloth is included with every item purchased)